History About How Waist Training Started

You might be aware of the hype of waist training created by some of the popular celebrities. Celebrities like Jessica Alba and Kim Kardasian developed an obsession for it and promoted it use and claimed of its effectiveness. Waist training is the process of wearing a tightly fitting garment around one’s waist to promote weight loss and get a slimmer looking look. The best waist trainer will give positive results within weeks of its use. This idea, however, is not new. It has been used by women as a tool for waist training for over thousands of years.

The popularity of corsets can be traced back to 16th century where they remained popular until the French revolution. In those days, corsets were known as “pair of bodies” among the Europeans. Corsets made of horn, buckram and whale bone used to shape the torso into a cylindrical shape.

By the 17th century, corsets became a more cone-like shape with two pieces of boned fabric held together in the front. Women during this time, used to wear a skirt and a robe with the corset underneath the dress.

In 1830s, women started wearing dresses with wider sleeves, wider skirts (with layers of stiff material underneath) and narrower waists. By 1850s, wide sleeves were out of fashion. By this time, tight-lacing around the waist with a wide skirt was known as the Victorian silhouette. Young and fashionable women were keener on tight-lacing especially for balls or other special occasions.

In the later years of the Victorian Era medical experts started raising arguments against its use claiming that it was harmful to the human body. For this reason, newer versions of corsets appeared with a straight front to eliminate pressure from the stomach. This type of corset was not very successful in making an impression among women. Women still persisted on tight-lacing despite the concerns from the medical experts.

In 1900s, with more and more women gaining interest in sports, corsets began losing their popularity. Women now wanted clothes that allowed more freedom of movement for exercise and sports. During this time, fashion started accepting more natural body shapes. Elastic girdles appeared in the market for women who preferred a slimmer look. However, these were lightweight and comfortable and did not produce any extreme results unlike corsets.

Corsets appeared again in 1980s when pop stars like Cyndi Lauper and Madonna started wearing it as an outerwear, making it a fashion statement. Fans were fast to copy their footsteps.

Now coming back to the modern times, celebrities like Kim Kardasian and Jessica Alba have brought renewed boost to the waist trainer industry. The idea is the same as olden times; wearing a tight garment around the waist. However, the design has evolved tremendously. With waist trainers increasingly becoming popular, many companies have started making them. Waist trainers come in different sizes, shapes and are made from different fabrics. Users have a wide range of choices available to choose from.

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